Weekly Reflection Lesson 13

Learning how to navigate Google Analytics was really helpful to understand how my website is performing.  Where I can focus on improving my website and specific pages.  I was concerned that I would not understand Google Analytics but the video we were required to watch was really helpful and simple to understand.  I don’t think I linked my landing page because I could not find any information for my landing page in Google Analytics or Adwords.  I am not sure what I missed.


Weekly Reflection 12

Learning about social media and the different benefits of promoting your business was very informative.  I am still not a fan of promoting my business on my personal website but I might consider making a business social media site and connect it to my business and  then post a connection on my personal site and let my friends know what I am working on.  I have learned many different things from this class and the benefits of running a website.

Weekly Reflection 11

Learning about Optimization and landing pages and how to increase your SOE was very informative.  It is interesting because at work I am being asked to work on the schools website and learn how to use Docusign for confidential forms. I am surprised at how much I was able to navigate the company website and edit.  I also was able to understand Docusign more than I think I would have had I not taken this class.

Week 10 Reflection

Starting the ad campaign this week was interesting.  I have been getting a lot of calls from google asking me if I am pleased with the service and if there is any thing I need help with.  Its kind of annoying.  I am learning a lot about marketing and building a website, but I am still lost.  I like the way my website is coming together.  Setting up conversion was very confusing and I hope  I did it right.  I am looking forward to March 22nd.

Weekly Reflection L08

This week I really  liked critiquing others websites.  It was really cool to learn and view  others ideas and business ideas.  I worked on my blog that is attached to my website.  I added some insights and experiences.  I also added a few products.  I am anxious  to start the business and am really unsure of how it will progress. I also had lots of frustration when I accidentally hit a quiz that I had already taken and had put my ad on and then it was lost.  I really couldn’t figure  out how not to retake the quiz.  I am hoping the ad was submitted and I don’t have to redo it.

Weekly Reflection Lesson 07

Learning and  trying  to figure out  the  best way to use advertising for my business was very insightful.  Deciding whether to advertise outside of the United States was a tough decision, but I  am glad with my decision to  focus solely in the United States at first as  I begin my business.  Deciding on whether to advertise on mobile devices made me realize how  much of an  impact advertising has  on me  as I make most of my purchasing through my mobile device.  I see advertising through the mobile device as very beneficial and lucrative.

Working on finding keywords for advertising  helped me to focus where I wanted to take my business.  I was not able to participate in the discussion concerning keywords this week.  Reading about good and bad key words and learning about how to focus advertising and  keywords is helpful.

This week  was stressful in every way in my classes, work and personal  life.  I hope next week  is better.  7 more weeks.

Weekly Reflection Lesson 06

I enjoyed learning how to work in my website.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to add products to sell to my website as I want it to be an information and tips website.  I spent a lot of time researching different informative website and I was able to see how I could set  products in my website.  I also attached a blog that will have inspirational stories.  I also was able to figure out how to add youtube.com.  I really like how it is coming together.